Privacy Policy

We are taking your privacy seriously. That is why we don't permanently log any identifying information while you use our site normally, including:

If you upload a file a to Volafile, your IP will be stored until the file has expired or was deleted. This means that all metadata will usually be removed after 2 days.


Registered Users

If you choose to register an account we have to save some additional data that can be tied to your person:

Using an account does not change anything about the way we store your IP address or other data.

Malicious Activity

If our system detects malicious activity from your IP address, or a moderator manually flags your activity as such (i.e bans or mutes), we may collect some/all of the following data for an indefinite timespan:

Any of the following may be regarded as malicious activity:

Cookies and storage

Volafile may make use of cookies and your browser's built-in storage to provide certain features. More specifically we use cookies to keep you logged in if you have chosen to create an account with Volafile. To display previous messages when visiting a room Volafile uses your browser's built-in storage.