The Rules

Breaking any of these rules will get you banned, muted, your room closed and/or your files deleted. Moderators have purple colored nicknames. They're the ones deciding whether you broke any of the following rules.

1. Read the TOS

Read the TOS. Seriously. They're not that long.

2. Forbidden content

It is forbidden to link to or upload any content that is illegal to own or share in Germany. This includes bestiality and lolicon among others. Uploading files that are named in a way that suggests illegal content or otherwise appear to be illegal is also forbidden.

3. Room owners

When you create a room it is your responsibility to moderate the content uploaded to that room.

As a room owner (read: creator) it is your responsibility to only make your room available to those who are allowed to view its contents. Should you be unwilling or unable to properly moderate your room, use the "report" button to contact a moderator.

If your room contains content not appropriate for those under a certain age, it is your responsibility to only make your room available to those who are allowed to view that content. You must also specify this in your room's settings.

Failing to moderate the content of your room or making a room available to those who are not allowed to view its contents will result in your room being closed.

4. Harming the staff

Should you insult, provoke or try to harm a moderator in any way, the consequences are up to him. He might laugh it off or he might ban and mute you. You can't expect moderators to put up with your bullshit. Read the note on moderators at the bottom if the why is unclear to you.

On Moderators

Our moderators are working tirelessly to keep Volafile a safe place for everyone. They're not getting paid to guard Volafile and they're doing it in their free time. Our resources are limited, so please don't expect them to be there for you at all times. Conflicts can usually be sorted out by being nice and, if appropriate, by apologizing, but don't expect them to lift your ban right away. It might take some time to re-evaluate the situation and lift the ban.

Should a problem arise you don't think can be solved between you and the mod in question, feel free to contact the site administrator at - But only after you're absolutely sure you've not broken any of the rules, been rude or have been provoking a moderator.