About Volafile PRO

Volafile PRO accelerates downloads by up to 1000%

Earn Volafile PRO

Earn Volafile PRO for being the owner of an active room that has been around for at least 7 days. You can check whether your room qualifies in your room settings: Once the countdown of 7 days ends, you will see a percentage indicating how active your room is.
As long as your room reaches 100% it will earn you Volafile PRO.

What is Volafile PRO

Volafile PRO is an experiment to offer increased download speeds to a selection of the user base. Instead of downloading with at most 220KB/s, eligible users can download with up to 2200KB/s using Volafile PRO -
though these numbers are likely to change a lot during the trial.


Keep in mind that the speed limit is per account, meaning that if you have multiple downloads running using your account, the limit will be split across them. During the trial there can also be no guarantee you will be able to achieve increased speeds.