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Thersanderia says: My Name Is Jeff I am a Politician and Hacker, I hacked the pentagon and volafile, that's why lain is a mod. Without me, Volafile would not exist, lainchan would not exist either as kalyx and I are one being. I do so many things that it seems like i am trolling or being unrealistic. You are right, I am a kleptomaniac and a compulsive liar. I also make games, but remember I'm a compulsive liar. I store everything that I find interesting, especially names. Pictures or Videos I take are backed up 50 times at least. I have 7 year old Hard Drives that still work, they aren't backed up. My Life's work is on those Hard Drives. I am a Network Engineer and almost have my BSc. I don't like niggers because they actually stole my bike.